Special production

…on request

Plate coating:

Format: max. 5,200 x 2,070 mm
Strengths: from 1,2 – 19 mm
Support material: HDF, particle board, plywood
Surfaces: films, papers, Velcro, textile, self-plates

Self adhesive coating:

Quantity: from 400 m²
Width: up to 2,030 mm
Strengths: ca. 30 – 350 µm (My or Mikron = 1/1.000 mm)
Material: foil, paper, velcro, textile, HDF

Leight weight panels:

Decor: choice (HDK-Decor on HDF or Wood)
Deck: wood
Core: foam or honeycomb
Strengths: from 19 – 75 mm
The color maple No. 73 is currently not available!